Thanks for dropping in to read my mind. This site includes a variety of open discussion topics that is updated every two weeks. I plan to post my thoughts about the topics I enjoy writing about and topics that others like to read. The main event you can find at this site is the book I wrote titled “Rich and Milly.” I also write about random thought provoking concepts that range in topic from why we are here to where we are going, and what we are doing in the meantime. So I basically write about everything.
To be clear, I am not an expert on anything but my opinion, but that’s what i like about sharing ideas and knowledge. When there is no self-proclaimed expert, it leaves room for imagination. There is no thought leader who claims to be all knowing and guards the access to truth and information. Everyone is welcome, and every thought is welcome. Access to truth is free and should be. No, I’m not an expert on truth. I am simply a thinker among the diverse array of thinkers. We are carving our own designs of what we’ve discovered about the truths of the world we experience together.
For my own personal thoughts on the world, life and things, check out the section called Words For Thoughts where the good conversation topics are! At the end of every post, there is a comments section where I encourage you to join in on the conversation. It is very useful for others that may be struggling with the subject material in their own lives. In order to get the best out of conversation, you must be engaged in it, so feel free to join! I hope you enjoy the material!
Check out the menus and browse around. There is literally a lifetime of content in the works getting ready to be posted, so stay posted! Please sign up for email notifications if you want to stay updated on any new posts. New content will be posted every other Sunday! Watch for the R&M Newsletter in your Email inbox.

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