Chapter 9: A Terrifying Intersection

While he was falling for her, she was falling because of him! His eyes found hers crying for help. His mind raced faster than faster than a single rattle produced by the snakes he encountered. “It’s Her. Everything you’ve ever desired. She knows you. She is the world. Your dream girl. Your fear, your power, your wisdom, your courage. Your heart, your breath, your world, your everything, your want. Here she is, and there she goes. Do something!”

Her feet were still planted but not grounded and soon to be airborne. He couldn’t watch this happen. He thrusted his arms out and caught both her wrists and clung tightly. Suspended in this moment, she is suspended above her death. He reads her facial expression begging for mercy. “Please don’t let go.” Her beautiful long brown hair seems to float with the wind. The feather in her hair fluttered into the gusty wind streams of the canyon abyss. He replied by retracting her into him with full force. They crashed safely onto solid ground next to the boulder that Milly started from. She jumped up and immediately celebrated her survival and salvation.

“You saved me! You saved my life!” She grabbed him by his shoulder as he stood up and kissed him on his cheek. This settled his heart. She left some cold on his cheek that he wanted to rub off, but he remembered his Mom’s words about kisses. “There are a limited amount of special kisses in this world, so don’t give them all away, and don’t wipe ’em off!” He was still in shock of everything that had just happened. Heights, check, snakes, check, talking to girls… She bombarded him with all the questions she had been curious about before. “Who are you? Where did you come from? Do you live here? Have you seen Izzy?” With every question, his throat tightens. He finds it extremely difficult to talk to her. With so much going on, he was in no condition to conquer his next fear of talking to girls. He wanted to keep the conversation simple, so he couldn’t mess it up. So he let her do the talking. Besides, he wanted to learn about her, so he shut his mouth and opened his mind.

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