Chapter 9: A Terrifying Intersection

Then Izzy showed up with a hunk of gold ore in his mouth. He scurried up in front of Millaray and placed it by her feet. Rich recognized it because that is the same stuff his dad bought at the market every month. His memory recalls valuable words that his father spoke at one of his lessons. “No business is worth its efforts if it doesn’t benefit everyone involved.”

“Izzy!” Millaray shouts in excitement and brings Rich back to the present moment presenting itself. She scoops up her little friend and kisses him on his chipmunk cheek to thank him for his pretty rock. Izzy jumps down from her arms and runs in circles energetically. Then he darts off into the woods. She picks up the ore that Rich recognizes and shows it to him. She explains to him, “My father says these rocks can help protect our lands and keep our village alive. Isn’t it pretty? Pretty like the waterfall.” Rich is in observation mode watching, listening, and still hasn’t said a word.

He knows the classification of this “rock.” It’s not a rock at all; it’s gold ore. It’s an element, a metal. He learned all about this in a collection of books called the “Curiosity Series.” Rich had a wealth of information stored in his head. He was a curious and educated boy. The thought in his head at that moment devalued that wealth though. He was thinking about how he had read all of the words of all of those stories, but none of them were as interesting as the one he was creating on this day of exploration. This story was uniquely Rich.

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