Chapter 9: A Terrifying Intersection

He thought to himself, “A boy reads some books that told the authors’ perspectives of the truths of the world. They described many interesting facts like how hot a volcano is and how deep the sea measures. How boring compared to this story and my own perspective of the truths of the world. In this story, a boy dreamed of the girl with perfect eyes that could save him from pitch darkness. He focused on improving himself to be worthy of Her. He talked to a chipmunk that lead him to a place to meet that very girl who was so beautiful that he was speechless. That’s like a fantasy or somethin’. This doesn’t even feel real. From dreaming about what I want, to experiencing my dream in reality, this story is so much cooler than anything that could ever be written in a book.” He noticed that the two stories were similar in one way though; they both sought to know the world. “I want to know her.” He thought in conclusion.

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