Chapter 10: Millaray’s Melody

A little time passed as they stirred through the watery mud puddles of the river’s shoreline. Rich heard Milly humming a tune. He stopped collecting and listened. It sounded pretty and matched everything he knew about Milly. “That’s beautiful, like her. It’s like she has a theme song for her life.” He thought. It sounded like it could be some sort of slow song or lullaby. His mind drifted thinking about it. She found him staring again, and he asked, “What is that song?” She explained, “It’s a lullaby my dad would sing to the waterfall for me when I was little. It goes like the this:

Pine tree gently sigh,

Sing a lullaby,

For my baby.


Little brooklet flow,

Murmur soft and slow,

For my baby.


Breezes come and sing,

Let the cradle swing,

For my baby.

“He doesn’t think I remember him singing to me, but I do. This has always been my favorite melody, and it reminds me of this place. I love it, I live it, and sometimes I even dream about it.”

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