Chapter 11: Rich’s Epiphany

Milly continued, “I know we don’t have much like city people, but we still have everything we want. I think that makes us rich! We got the river, the eagles, the fish, the trees, the air, and we have each other! We have it all! See, look!” She pointed her index finger and swept her arm in a half circle motion like her father would, but this time she swept across the sky in front of them. “You can’t see the stars like this in the city. We have the moon, and we have the stars; we’re rich too! We are happy with what we have.” Rich understood completely. Nothing was ever so clearly spoken to him. Maybe it was just because he favored her company, but her message drove straight to his head. One simple explanation from the girl of his dreams changed his mind about being rich. He has redefined rich to mean happy. Within seconds, his belief system was restructured and solidified in a new definition. “Wow.” He gazed at the brightness of Orion’s belt and the star Sirius. “Being rich and being happy are synonymous, and it has nothing to do with money.” He realized as he spoke the words to himself aloud. “Different stories, different words, same meaning.”
Everything she said made perfect sense and resonated with the boy. In this moment, she was giving him everything he wanted before he wanted it. This made him feel rich and fulfilled. Rich wanted to give Milly something in return for her wisdom, so he gave her his lucky coin necklace. He removed it and showed it to her in his open palm. “I want you to have this, my friend.” “Seriously? For me?! Thank you! Oh my God, Thank you so much! Wow this is the best thing ever! It’s so pretty! I can’t believe it!” She was overwhelmed with happiness. “It’s settled; you are going to marry me! Yup, I knew it when I saw you!” This is the best day of my life! Rich didn’t know how to respond. She was way too excited for him, so he touched her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down and fastened the coin around her neck. She hugged him, and they continued their walk.
Rich and Milly arrived in the village right on time as Milly usually does after her daily excursions. They headed straight to her uncle’s hut with no delays or distractions. Her uncle’s name was Quidel which means “flaming torch.” He earned his name as a tutor, storyteller, and counselor in the village. Quidel was known for “showing people the light when they found themselves shrouded in darkness.”

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