Chapter 11: Rich’s Epiphany

Milly introduced her new friend, and he was welcomed.” Millaray explained how they met, and where Rich comes from. She explained why he was shirtless. She explained her dream, her meditations for the day, the trip to the market the day before, and all the details of the last couple of days. She usually includes way more detail, than she needs to and wants to talk with Quidel all night when she visits with him. This time, all the details were accounted for and more. Before she could get through half of it, Quidel laughed loudly and stopped her. “Hahaha, Millaray, slow down! Take a breath. Relax and please come sit by the fire. Here is a poncho for you, Rich. This will keep you warm as the cool night creeps in.”
“Rich found some stones that he wants to show you, Uncle! He found them at the top of the waterfall!” “Oh? Really? Very interesting. “Yeah, and I climbed it! I did it! Like you said I would one day! I Climbed to the top of the waterfall! That’s where I met Rich, and we found all kinds of pretty rocks up there. And Izzy was there too!”
“Wow, Milly good for you! I’m so proud of you. You see; you can conquer any challenge if you study it and appreciate it the way we do daily. Let’s see these stones then.” Milly took the stones out of her pouch and placed them on the table for her uncle to examine. Milly looked at Rich, and said, “This is my favorite part of rock hunting! Uncle Quidel always has a story to tell when I come over with pretty rocks.” “Oh, wow! What you have here is what’s known as a trifecta! This pattern has come together in a way that helps to describe you to yourself. This happens when one is on a journey of self improvement and when one has the spirit to conquer trials. Your trials deal with your strongest traits. If you focus hard and stay disciplined, you can grow these traits and master them. In time, the goal is to master yourself to obtain a unbreakable spirit. I know this sounds confusing, but allow me to explain.”

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