Chapter 11: Rich’s Epiphany

“All stones have a story of how they came to be, and no two stones are the same. On top of that, these stones are a reminder of our place in this world. They are Earth speaking to us in a way that is surprising, inspiring, humbling, and encouraging. The purpose of the Earth is to provide us with the resources necessary to allow us to live out our lives. The purpose of us is to appreciate it all and help others to appreciate the earth through the work we do for ourselves and for others. Without Earth, we would not be. Without these trifecta stones, we would not be reminded of being. This is Earth’s way of stopping us from our busy lives and saying, ‘Hey, don’t forget! Don’t forget about where we come from. Don’t forget about what we are doing here. Don’t forget about what is important. Don’t forget about what we want. Don’t forget about who we are. Don’t forget to be yourself. And don’t forget to be happy because that is who you are.’ Stones will tell us all about ourselves in this way, and no one has the exact same trifecta because no two stones are the exact same. If they were, they would be one.”

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