Chapter 12: Nature’s Language

“Next is sapphire, the stone of wisdom. Wisdom is born in the heart of the mind. Sapphire is used to keep your mind’s heart healthy. The energy captured in this gemstone is one of healing and clarity. The soothing blue color brings natural tranquility upon an individual, a wise way of life. Viewing this stone is a pleasure indeed. We use stones like these for meditative purposes. It allows for deeper understanding by way of philosophy and the creation of art. There are many examples of art in nature. Have you ever noticed the tranquility of a fishing pond and the beautiful swirling flakes of mica in the rivers? This is the Earth creating art to speak to us of the importance of wisdom. Art is a natural phenomenon, and it’s embedded within all natural creation of the Earth. It heals the soul and urges us to strive for wisdom and understanding. Sapphire is a remnant of the wisdom of nature.” Rich found truth in Quidel’s words as he stared at the deep blue layers of the gemstone and felt a sensation of relaxation in the comforting patterns that looked like layers of water.
“And finally, opal, the stone of courage. Notice how opal attempts to be all colors at once, but in order to see all its colors, you must view it from different angles. You cannot view all it that it has to show you without changing how you look at it. Change your perception of it, and you unlock the secrets of the stone. It seems so simple to adapt to the world around you so you may experience it in a new light, but if we take a closer look into the art of courage, we find courage requires a change in ourselves. Most people who are confronted with the task of changing their perception, tend to lose interest in their aspiration because they realize the work involved. Those people do not have your gift, and those people are not rewarded the secrets of courage.

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