Chapter 12: Nature’s Language

Let us use wisdom to study courage. We know that wise men say, ‘to be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself, you must see yourself through the eyes of another.’ So, we want to change our perception, and therefore change ourselves. It is no easy task changing one’s self simply to view the world differently, but it is a great and admirable task for those who seek self improvement. Only those who want it bad enough will succeed. Few people actually follow through with this goal, and that is why it is a rare trait among populations for people to see the world from many angles. Not many people strive for excellence in the diversity of knowledge. Eventually, you will become like this piece of opal: well-rounded, well traveled, colorful, and spotted by all your accomplishments. Opal didn’t just appear one day, no sir! It was built over time. The colors of opal come from its growth. The way we grow is by going through trials that challenge us. The most difficult challenge for us is fear. Fear is the final ingredient to courage. You cannot have courage without fear, and courage is when one conquers one’s fears. Opal is all about these 3 components:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Grow yourself
  3. and utilizing fear to do so.

“Opal has an interesting story indeed. It wants to be more than one. In order to be more than one, one must experience more than one; to grow from one, one must explore. Consider the traveler; she must travel to earn her name, to earn her colors. Traveling can be a frightening experience. We all have a fear of the unknown. The traveler has no other option but to conquer her fears in order to accomplish her goal. The traveler’s goal is to experience this world in different settings simply to see what it is like and to understand the world from different angles, but she must bear the elements and challenges of the geography that awaits her. She experiences trials that confront her passage and challenge the integrity of her body and soul. She may experience regret for ever having attempted her voyage, but her reward is her goal. She becomes a stronger person out of these trials, and she gets to where she is going. The traveler wants to be in another place simply to get a new perception of reality so she may grow her mind as well as her body. Remember: when she changes her perception, she’s inherently changing herself. She is earning her colors and growing by seeing her fears and walking through them. In order to see all the colors of opal, you must perceive it as a traveler perceives the world. Travelers typically have opal with them as a reminder of how to be and what they themselves may one day become. Opal is a remnant of the courage of nature.”

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