Chapter 13: The Guru and the Pupil

Quidel continued with his lesson. “It is said we are here to discover ourselves, and the Earth helps us to do that in a process called grounding. This process is when you have a strong connection with the Earth, and the opportunity of this relationship presents itself daily. Grounding keeps us here and now, connected to the present, connected to the Earth. The Earth works as a guide, or a Guru, and you are its pupil.”
“The Earth wants you to be yourself. To be the best you can be, you must know yourself well. The Earth helps you by presenting you to yourself, and the present is always presenting this. There are signs in every moment of every day. The Earth contains all answers to all questions pertaining to you. If ever you were to ask, “Who am I?” All you must do is pay attention to the signs around you. Knowing yourself is the first step to mastering yourself.” Rich appreciated these words, especially since he woke up so confused about his beliefs earlier that day. Rich had another question that was on his mind, and it seemed as though he was placed here and now to ask it. “So how exactly can I talk with the Earth to ask it who I am?”
“Earth has already told you. The signs are here in front of you. Apparently, you are powerful!…” Quidel slowly slid the chunk of obsidian to Rich’s side of the table. Rich remembers how he powered through the forest to keep up with Izzy. “…You are wise!…” He slid the sapphire over next with a little more excitement than the obsidian. Rich remembered his epiphany and the synonymous connections he made between being rich and being happy. “…And you are courageous!” Quidel swiftly transferred the piece of opal across the table, and Rich reacted quick enough to catch it from sliding off. Rich’s three fears came to mind and how he conquered all of them in one day. “This is who you are, Rich, and these stones are relics to remind you should you ever forget. Stay grounded, young one.”

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