Chapter 14: Ruca, Maté, and Guests

Rich looked confused. “You know Quidel? Wait, what are you doing here? How do you know these people?” They all sat down at the table next to the fire. Maiten fed the fire a couple pieces of wood and stoked it. “Richard, stand up and introduce yourself. This is Maiten. He is the leader of this community, and he is an old friend.” Richard shuffled to get up to shake his hand. “Oh, don’t get up for me! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Richard!” Maiten said as he reached across the table. Joe Continued. “We have been friends our entire lives. We lost touch for a long time, but we happened to cross paths about 15 years ago, so we have made an effort to spend time with one another every two weeks to maintain our friendship. I have been helping him at the market. He is the most recent client that I’ve been telling you about. “Yeah, Rich, I didn’t know your dad was the Gold Man!” Exclaimed Milly. “Yeah, he knows a lot about money, and he helps many people with their problems.”

Joe asked Rich the same question. “So, what are you doing out here, and how do you know these people?” Rich told the story of his day with excitement in all the details. Everyone could tell it was Rich’s favorite day of his life. Joe poured tea for Maiten and himself into cups which were waiting for them on the table. They all settled in as they listened to Rich tell his story. He included everything. He incorporated his father’s words by saying, “Being rich means having everything you ever wanted.” He talked about his dream catcher and the crazy dream he had. He explained how he kept up with a chipmunk which was secretly leading him to Milly. He described the waterfall in great detail. He talked about how he almost knocked Milly over the edge of a cliff, and he mentioned that had a feeling he should’ve worn a more durable shirt when he was getting dressed that morning. He talked about rock hunting and star gazing with his new friend. That’s when he explained what he had learned from spending the day with Millaray. He didn’t share what he had learned from Quidel because he felt like he didn’t understand it well enough to explain it, but he did allude to being a good pupil to Quidel’s teachings.

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