Rich and Milly Synopsis

A young boy from an affluent family goes on a journey of self discovery. He always wanted to be rich at his dad’s recommendation, but in his pursuit of the rich life, he ends up redefining the meaning of the word and seeks to define the new meaning of “being rich.” During his adventure, he crosses paths with a girl who can teach him everything he needs to know. She is a poor child with a heart of gold. She isn’t intimidated by the same struggles that the boy is dealing with because she has the power, confidence, and wisdom that she inherited from her father. This story is about knowing yourself well and understanding that what you want is who you are. Obtaining what you want is how you become rich. Richness comes in spirit as much as it does in currency.

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Chapter 7: The Waterfall

It was an amazing place at the top of a waterfall. With awesome natural vibrant features that he had never even imagined, it was like a place out of a fairy tail with multicolored rock walls, birds and bugs of all kinds flying around and many fish in the river that flowed through it all. Rich had stumbled upon a hidden treasure that was uncharted territory and sacred grounds for the Mupache villagers. Rich had never strayed from the trails before because he was always so afraid of what he might run into. After this adventure, he knew that all the best things in life are on the other side of fear. He took in the view after walking up to the edge of the cliff. It was a straight plummet to the valley below where the river is calm. Looking over the edge made him uneasy, and it reminded him of the Roadrunner cartoon where Coyote would always be falling. After probing the area a little, he decided that this is the place he wanted to spend the rest of his day at.

There was so much to see here including a huge waterfall. He noticed a porcupine walking around with black and white quills. He saw the eagles above drifting along the wind currents that kept them afloat. There was tall grass and moss covered trees along the big rock walls that gated this community. Daisies, and dandelions speckled the landscape, and there was a meadow of golden flowers blooming in the center of it all. The raging waterfall nearby was too inviting to ignore, so he walked up to the edge of the falls for a closer look. This tested his fear of heights. Suddenly, “TCHITCHITCH HSSSS!!”

It was one of his greatest fears; It was a snake! It was spooked and slithered right between Rich’s feet. He quickly jumped in the opposite direction of the snake’s path because the feeling of fright was mutual. He hoped to never see a snake again, but he wondered how many others were out there waiting to get stepped on. He cautiously walked back up to the waterfall, and his mind was eased once again by the sound of the flowing falls.


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Chapter 6: Richard’s Awakening

He woke up with a whole new purpose. He now has an idea of what he wants: his dream girl. He wants to be attractive to her. He wants her to want him. “But how?” He pondered in his bed with his sheets over his legs. “I would want her to want me the way I want her. I want to be her hero.” Hmm… He thought about the heros from his video games and why the princess would choose those characters for husbands. “What kind of personalities do they have?” He wondered. “What makes them who they are? They are strong and fearless! They would never back down from a fight, and they protect those they care about. They have superpowers, and they are super smart. Maybe she would want a powerful, wise, and courageous man! That’s what I would want to be. How could you turn down a catch like that?”

He remembers his dad’s advice. “Being rich means having everything ya ever wanted.” It means turning your dreams into a reality.” He works the words out in his head to make sense of it all. “You can make that happen with money.” Rich had his doubts in the words. Uncertain of what his next move should be, he moved anyways because he didn’t like to sit still and watch the day roll by. He decided to go for a walk to clear his mind. This was a good opportunity to explore an area in the nearby hills that he has always wanted to go see.

He got dressed with some nice jean shorts, and an old T-shirt that was nearly at the end of its life. He could hear the fibers of the delicate fabric stretching and snapping as he slid the narrow collar around his wide head. This was always his “last resort” shirt, but today was a day of last resort; all of his other shirts were dirty from a week’s worth of mind-cleansing walks. “Man, I really need to get rid of this thing.” He said out loud. Rich looked up at his new dream catcher and couldn’t help but wonder if it had something to do with the extremely vivid dream he had the night before. It wasn’t like any other dream he had before that one. It was so clear and revealing. Almost prophetic. He left it hanging above his bed in hopes that he could have more dreams like it. He placed his pooch back on top of his toy chest, grabbed his lucky gold coin necklace off of his night stand, laced up his hiking boots, and hit the trails on the southern edge of town.

Chapter 5: What Millaray Wants

Milly would often dream about her desires in life, and this dream was especially lucid. Her desires matched her daily life because she was always content with what she had. Her dreams began with her little chipmunk friend.

“Izzy!” She shouted as she climbed across the rocks by the waterfall. Izzy came down from the pine tree that grows at the base of the falls. He greeted her with golden acorns and said to her, “Here! I got these for you!” She felt appreciated. “Thanks!” She kissed him on his little chipmunk cheek. She watched Izzy’s reaction as he energetically ran around in circles. He quickly stopped, looked at Milly and said, “Follow me!” He darted off across the big rocks on the river’s shoreline. He was headed upriver. Milly followed in the same path that he was leading, but much slower. He swiftly climbed up the cliff next to the waterfall. As she passed by the pine tree, she heard a whistle of its needles. She heard a loud, “Ssvwssszzzsss.” She turned to it and bowed because it demanded her attention, and she was taught to respect that. “Good morning, Pines.” As she passed by the water, she observed a slow-moving mass of leaflets in the water. They waived to her. She stopped and bowed. “Good morning, brooklet.”

She had never actually climbed this waterfall, but it was always a goal of hers. In this dream, she puts her hand through the falls to feel the heartbeat of the earth, and she says, “Please be kind to me as I wander throughout your lands. I am here for you and with you.” She saw that the flow of the current had lightened from a roaring waterfall to a trickle. She began her climb to follow her friend Izzy. It was a simple climb for her. As she arrived at the top of the falls, she felt a gusty wind wisp past her. This too, she bowed to and bid a good morning. She followed a path of golden acorns that lead her through the tall grass back to her village, into her uncle’s hut and out the other side. Then the line of golden acorns led her into her own hut. She noticed a golden flower on her night stand with a note that read, “From Izzy.” And there was Izzy, all cozy in her bed. “Just another day living the dream.” She said to Izzy. This was a typical dream for her, and this was a typical day for her. She joined him in slumber.


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Chapter 4: What Richard Wants

Rich would often dream about his desires in life, and this dream was especially lucid. That’s when Rich saw Her: everything he ever wanted. She was carrying a dream catcher, and caught this dreamer in his slumber. She was perfection, and this was completely unexpected. Before this moment, he had never met Her. So simple, yet so powerful and so beautiful. He knew nothing of Her, but he wanted to know everything about Her. She knew everything about Rich and the way he thinks. She seemed all knowing, wise, and humble. She probably knew him better than he knew himself. All he had to do was realize it, and he would discover that She had been watching his entire life. She was waiting for his consciousness to click and waiting for his awareness to arrive. He suddenly understood that this woman was patiently awaiting this boy to become a man. She wanted him as he wanted her, but she wanted a man, not a boy. Embarrassed for making Her wait so long, he apologized with his eyes. They said, “I’m sorry.” The story of the dream moved forward with no halt in conversation.

Without ever moving her lips, She told him, “I can give you everything you desire.” “Where have you been?” He thought in his head. “Where have I been?” He said out loud to Her. “It’s okay; you’re okay.” She said to him as she reached out to touch his shoulder. This was too much at once for him. Rich turned around to leave, but the Earth stopped at his toes; a straight plummet into a dark pit of nothingness faced him, and he was about to begin his plummet toward his permanent end. Desperately, he attempted to balance himself from falling. He failed and began his eternal fall. She gripped his arm and pulled him into her. She reeled him to safety. He never knew how badly he wanted this. He never knew how badly he wanted the girl of his dreams until he experienced Her and the power she had to keep him safe. He was still petrified from the dark abyss that almost swallowed him. He begged, “Please don’t let go.” “I won’t.” She promised.


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Fakeality is fake reality. It’s the negative side of your imagination. It is made up of lies that we create in our minds. You may have experienced this isolation of the mind. It is when you wander from reality to believe in IRRATIONAL FEARS. It is when you choose to believe these fears as truth. That is Fakeality. These irrational fears can control your decisions in life, and they can hold you back from doing what you want (from being who you are meant to be.) You base your decisions off of a false narrative. This is dangerous because this essentially means you believe in lies with the intention to progress toward your goals. This does not work; there is no progression. You’re stuck working on a problem that doesn’t exist, and you think it’s getting somewhere when in reality, you are missing out on life due to these irrational fears.  I’m not talking about rational fears: the ones that keep you safe from danger and keep you on a path to success. I’m talking about the excuses that keep you from ever trying or working toward a goal at all. You’re in a stalemate with your mind. You never take action because you are too busy thinking about why you shouldn’t take action. I think my most current advice on addressing whether or not you should make an action would be to ask/answer these two questions.

  1. Is my reaction to this circumstance a rational or irrational fear?
  2. Who do I want to be?

So, should you take action? Ask yourself those two questions. Is your action going to be based on a legitimate rational fear, or will it be based on an irrational fear? Ask yourself “Who do I want to be?” as a follow-up. It will set the tone and help you identify yourself as someone who lives in reality or as someone who lives in their own head. REGARDLESS OF WHO I AM NOW, who do I want to be?: I would rather be someone who bases his actions on things that he actually knows rather than on speculation. That is the person I want to be. I want to live in reality and not in fakeality. And I want to pursue any ambition that calls my name.

Chapter 1: Richard and Millaray

Once upon a feather, there lived a young girl named Millaray. She liked to go by Milly because it sounded pretty, and Millaray was named after the golden flowers she was given when she was born. Her uncle picked them himself. She was given everything she ever wanted before she wanted it by everyone and everything in her life. To Milly, everything was a gift, and this made her feel appreciated, happy, and fulfilled. She had a knack for appreciating the pretty in the world. The young girl had colorful rock beads on her pretty, self-crafted bracelet. She wore a golden eagle’s feather in her long, pretty hair. She loved to sing her favorite pretty song while she collected her favorite rocks to bring back to her uncle. He would instruct her to go wash her little face and tell her to come right back to hear a pretty story. The story was always the best part of her day. It was a gift as was everything else in her eyes. Those are just a few of the things that Millaray received without ever asking for them.

Millaray’s father was a wise man of the Mapuche natives. The Mapuche are a civilization in Southern Chile whose lands are slowly being claimed by their own government due to overwhelming debt problems. The name of Millaray’s father was Maiten, which means tree in his language. Maiten was well renowned as a leader with a strong moral compass within his tribe, but he fell under serious criticism when he sought to resolve their own debt struggles in their community. His village was extremely poor; people were starving for resources, money, and work. As the Leader of his community, Maiten resorted to mining the precious metals from his reservation at the advice of a lifelong friend. This was an act of desperation to fund his villagers’ needs and service his community’s debts. He always felt like they needed more than they had, but everyone else felt the wealth of his incredible wisdom is all they have ever really needed. They trusted him because of his great history of leadership. He’s been guiding this village since he was only 20 years old, and that was 20 years before the story of Rich and Milly. After all they went through, they strongly believed in Maiten’s judgment.