NM to MN


In 2012, I traveled from New Mexico to Minnesota by hitchhiking. This is where you can find blog posts about that journey. It took me over 2 months to get back to MN. I took plenty of notes along the way. Stay posted.

Articles in the works:

  • What I was doing in NM
  • My Letter Home.
    • Where the Idea Came From
    • The Supporters and the Detractors
    • Prepping and the Hype
    • Blank Canvas For The 1,200 Mile Walk
  • New Mexico, The Land of Entrapment
  • Day 1, Alone in Cimarron Canyon
    • Sorry Mom
    • The Freak Out
    • Kenny the Cowboy
  • Day 2, Nature Study
  • Day 3, My first ride
  • Day 4, Chase and Nikki
    • Finding Work
  • Day 5, Training Day
    • Fools Hitching on the Road to Nowhere
  • More to come…

Follow for the NM to MN stories.

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